“United” States…is my Country becoming an Oxymoron?

Dr. Marissa Pei
9 min readAug 13, 2020

I remember the good old days when we were able to agree to disagree, when we knew not to talk about religion and politics that would just lead to a maelstrom of bad feelings because you knew that you can’t change someones’ strong BS (Belief System), no matter how many facts are involved.

Maybe Covid-19 is to blame, because people are already on edge, or they are so bored that they have nothing better to do than to go to MSU (Make Shit Up) University… about the other party, the other candidate, the other, other. I have never been so disturbed scrolling through my social media feed. People who I had formerly called a friend, people who had come to my Chinese yoga classes, people who had praised my book about happiness, people who had come to my motivational talks, people who had been part of my FB family, are now posting the ugliest, most vulgar things about the “enemy candidate”. I wrote earlier about how many unfriendings I had experienced in the “To Mask or Not to Mask” article, but that was just the tip of the ugly iceberg.

And I am talking about both sides here…Cheeto Satan, White Willie, I don’t even want to give space for the bad and ugly… where’s the good?

When did politics get so ugly, so divisive, so vulgar, so hateful, so mean, so family-and-friend dividing? Was it always this bad and I just didn’t see it? I don’t think so. And whether Covid is to blame, or the media or the administration… I don’t care. I just am tired, sad, and weary and hoping that I am not alone in this white flag waving appeal on paper.

So for the next 90 days, before (hopefully) a record number of people who have an opinion actually put their vote where their post is, here’s my 8 cents worth calling out the BS that are fueling the increasingly acrimonious Divide between friends and family members and colleagues, so that we can say we live in the “United” States, without having to put in the quotations! We used to be able to live with differences in politics without resorting to being bullies on the playground… can we do that again?

BS#1: Everybody has the right to MY OPINION!

Be clear on what is important to you. It’s your right as a voting citizen of this country to have an opinion. Your BS (Belief Systems) are important… but…

Dr. Marissa Pei

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