Am I proud to be an American? Reflections 1 year after January 6

Dr. Marissa Pei
4 min readJan 7, 2022

I just listened to our President’s entire speech rather than listen to what others were saying about it… and I also watched our Vice President’s speech.

My favorite lines of hers were at Mark 2 minutes:

“On January 6 we all saw what our nation would look like if the forces who seek to dismantle our democracy are successful…the lawlessness, the violence, the chaos.”

And President Biden’s speech at mark 18 minutes:

“Reject the view: if you succeed I fail, if you get ahead I fall behind, that if I win you lose, if I hold you down I somehow lift myself up…”

”They want to rule or they will ruin…”

I’m not writing this to start a fight, even though it is probably the easiest way to make room on my maxed out FB friends list…

I’m writing these words because I am taking up the challenge that our President has given us to become resolute in reuniting our country.

I can remember a time when we could allow people to have their own B.S. Belief Systems, especially around party lines, and I remember the moment that I chose to become an American and giving up my Canadian citizenship right after 9/11 happened. At that time when I was asked to fill out the voter registration form, I wanted to continue my stubborn independent view of the issues and not be harnessed by a particular party line. And no one called me names, no one unfriended me, no one told me I was delusional, no one told me I had to choose, and those days are over. And I take responsibility myself for doing that to others, and if I look at the history of my chosen country, what struck me in the speech was that there only has been one president who has not honored the peaceful passing of the baton. I realize the damage that has been done started with the division that he encouraged and incited and never took responsibility for.

I am heartened by the Republicans who are trying to take back their dignity after their chosen leader ripped off the Band-Aid that was covering the festering infection of discrimination left from the Civil War. They are trying to bring back a healthy dose of differing opinions that keep a balance of views that is at the heart of democracy…



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