A Voting Guide for non-conspiracy, non-racist Americans on California Propositions

Dr. Marissa Pei
10 min readOct 31, 2020

Born in Canada, and becoming an American right after 9/11, I take my citizenship very seriously. And we all know this year more than ever before, we HAVE to Vote!

And we try not to talk about it because it is true, you can ruin a perfectly good friendship or date by talking about religion and politics. But since I am not dating right now, I thought I would answer the question many of my listeners are asking…how are you voting?

The obvious vote for the main category is easy to figure out. I do not want a president that is blatantly racist sexist and dishonest who makes racist comments in and out of the locker room including the personally offensive Kung Flu and the Chinese Virus, cheats on his wives, and hasn’t paid taxes to the government of the country he “leads”.

Yes, if you are pro-life, you may be blind to and want to look past all of the above but I’m hoping not. And yes you may hate masks, or think that the pandemic is a hoax, but I’m also hoping that character counts more than the discomfort of wearing the life-savers.

Although I do not talk politics on my syndicated CNBC iHeartRadio show, “Take My Advice, I’m Not Using It: Get Balanced with Dr. Marissa”, I can no longer stay silent. There have been too many straws on the camel’s back to ignore, and when the NY Times article came out about the taxes, I realized that I have to talk/write/post because “what you permit you promote”.


Now you may say, NY Times is Left-biased and I applaud you for actually taking into consideration that there is no such thing as unbiased media. I find this chart extremely useful before I post or share things I see to make sure I am not being played on by the Artificial Intelligence reported in the documentary Social Dilemma. The alarming confirmation that AI will only show us “news” that matches our BS Belief Systems, the entire foundation of “just the facts” and “unbiased media” becomes an oxymoron. So if you want a more balanced centered…

Dr. Marissa Pei

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