A Voting Guide for non-conspiracy, non-racist Americans on California Propositions

Born in Canada, and becoming an American right after 9/11, I take my citizenship very seriously. And we all know this year more than ever before, we HAVE to Vote!

And we try not to talk about it because it is true, you can ruin a perfectly good friendship or date by talking about religion and politics. But since I am not dating right now, I thought I would answer the question many of my listeners are asking…how are you voting?

The obvious vote for the main category is easy to figure out. I do not want a president that is blatantly racist sexist and dishonest who makes racist comments in and out of the locker room including the personally offensive Kung Flu and the Chinese Virus, cheats on his wives, and hasn’t paid taxes to the government of the country he “leads”.

Yes, if you are pro-life, you may be blind to and want to look past all of the above but I’m hoping not. And yes you may hate masks, or think that the pandemic is a hoax, but I’m also hoping that character counts more than the discomfort of wearing the life-savers.

Although I do not talk politics on my syndicated CNBC iHeartRadio show, “Take My Advice, I’m Not Using It: Get Balanced with Dr. Marissa”, I can no longer stay silent. There have been too many straws on the camel’s back to ignore, and when the NY Times article came out about the taxes, I realized that I have to talk/write/post because “what you permit you promote”.


Now you may say, NY Times is Left-biased and I applaud you for actually taking into consideration that there is no such thing as unbiased media. I find this chart extremely useful before I post or share things I see to make sure I am not being played on by the Artificial Intelligence reported in the documentary Social Dilemma. The alarming confirmation that AI will only show us “news” that matches our BS Belief Systems, the entire foundation of “just the facts” and “unbiased media” becomes an oxymoron. So if you want a more balanced centered view on the tax investigation, read this.

Now the real reason why I wanted to publish this article is the California propositions. I don’t know about you, but I am clear on some issues but ignorant in others and when I get to the polling station I have, in the past, scanned through and click without conviction or understanding in many. I fact, I am embarrassed to admit that for many years I took the advice of a stranger who said, “when in doubt, vote for less government control”. Which has gotten us to George Floyd. So no more…I did the research and am sharing some interesting things that I would like to point your attention to:

  1. I actually Googled “balanced news about the California measures” and this site popped up https://www.californiachoices.org/ballot-measures-2020-11 which sounds like a good Californian place to take in “the truth” about the measures…well it’s a good thing that I have made it part of my #blissipline to consult my All Sides News Bias chart only to find out that it is a far right Republican site.
  2. The wording on each of the measures is supposed to be balanced and not lean one way or the other. And based on what facts they tell or not tell, it was hard for me to truly understand the intent or impact of the legislation. And depending on how many dollars you have, you can create an ad campaign that doesn’t tell the whole truth. So I thought I would look first at the publications in the Center column to see what they said.
  3. That led me to investigate the reason that the bill was there in the first place…who is asking for what and why?! That my friends, is when the flashlight can illuminate the truth…if you can handle the truth!!

I googled https://www.google.com/search?q=who+originated+California+propositions&oq=who+originated+California+propositions&aqs=chrome..69i57j33i160.18968j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8

and found Ballotpedia but before I started reading I did my handy bias check with

https://www.allsides.com/news-source/ballotpedia and it is C for Center!!

AND https://ballotpedia.org/California_2020_ballot_propositions has a great highlight for each of the measures, who started what and motivation.

So, the following are my votes for each of the measures after doing my personal due diligence. Again, this is not an effort to persuade you to vote my way…but it is a shortcut for anyone who is aligned with my Happy88 Mission, my show philosophy, “More Hope and Happiness so no gossip no scandal no K words, no Kardashian or Kanye talk”, and is serious about ending both viruses Covid and Racism.

Prop 14: YES

I absolutely want to support medical research…especially since Covid conspiracy theorists have made me think that we have gone back to the Dark Ages or the Gang of Four in China, disrespecting and ridiculing Medical Science. When I saw that the originator of this bill was also sinking millions of his own money into the research itself, I was more confident in my YES. And just to see where the parties are, Yes from from Blue and No from Red. Because Trump is Red/Orange (sorry couldn’t help it), and I really think he has hurt our country along with all of those who still support him, I will look at Party support…where the Blue and Red votes are going. I used to be Independent, thanks to Trump I am now seeing Blue. So on 14 I vote YES!

Prop 15: YES

Yes from Blue; No from Red. On one hand increase in property tax would raise money for schools etc. which definitely need the investment. Some may say that it is not fair to homeowners but if you can afford a home for your family, then the education system should matter as well.

Prop 16 : YES YES YES

Yes from Blue; No from Red, and this is the one that has a tricky wording which at first glance looks like if you want to have Equal Opportunity you would vote No…BUT it’s actually a YES vote to repeal something that never should have gotten in in the first place, Prop 209 that encourages racism and sexism. So YES YES YES!!

Prop 17: YES

Yes from Blue; No from Red. If you need any convincing, watch the 13th documentary on Netflix. You do the crime you do the time…but somehow our system continues to punish after the time! So YES YES YES!


Yes from Blue No from Red. Not sure, my younger daughter says YES because she remembers wanting to vote at 17 1/2 but my older daughter says NO. I am not clear so no opinion.

Prop 19: YES

Not sure, there are equally strong arguments for Yes and No from the Center journal reports. On one hand of course it’s better to support seniors when they are displaced by things like wildfires. But it’s also pointed out that it will only be helping tax shelter those who have plenty of money and plenty of homes. But then I look at the organizations supporting and the diverse communities are Yes, so I will vote Yes because I value diversity.

Prop 20: NO

Yes from Red, No from Blue. It is sponsored by Keep California Safe which is very much like Make America Great Again White is Right rhetoric. Again, if you haven’t already watched it, 13th the Netflix documentary totally illuminates the Fear strategy that the Red have been successfully peddling for hundreds of years, which has resulted in a billion dollar prison industry and the burgeoning outpicturing of Racism in the US. I don’t write out the “United States” anymore because we aren’t. See my last article if you want the proof! So absolutely voting NO!

Prop 20 and 16 are key racism measures…if you want to be the change you want to see and move away from environments that culminate in murders like George Floyd, Vote YES on Prop 16 and NO on Prop 20.

Prop 21: YES

Not surprisingly No from Red and Yes from Blue to an initiative that seeks to help out the renter instead of the landlord. Yes on one hand it is true that land owners should be able to charge what they want, but, especially in California where affordable housing is almost an oxymoronic phrase, it’s no wonder homelessness is worse than it has ever been before…and with Covid, we have to start somewhere. I vote YES on 21.

Prop 22: NO

22 is one of the hot, media heavy measures which has Uber drivers saying 100k of us say YES on 22, so it looks like Yes is for the underdog right? Wrong! This is the best example of how one’s research really has to look at the special interest groups that are proposing and FUNDING the props.

Through October 29, 2020, Yes on Proposition 22 received $202.97 million, which is the most funds that an initiative campaign has ever received in California (not adjusted for inflation). Uber contributed $57 million, DoorDash contributed $52 million, Lyft provided $49 million, InstaCart provided $32 million, and Postmates provided $13 million.

The campaign No on Prop 22 received $19.75 million. SEIU Local 721, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, the California Labor Federation, SEIU Local 1021, SEIU-UHW West, UFCW International Union, and UFCW Local 770 — labor unions or union-affiliated committees — each contributed $1 million or more to No on Prop 22.

From: https://ballotpedia.org/California_Proposition_22,_App-Based_Drivers_as_Contractors_and_Labor_Policies_Initiative_(2020)

If they have that much money to donate to this campaign, what does that say about how much money they have to pay/support their drivers? And Yes for Red and No for Blue. My one hesitation thought is that the diverse groups are also saying YES but maybe they didn’t see the funding research numbers?

Prop 23: YES

Blue says Yes and Red says No .Here’s another one that deserves a closer look but I am getting a bit “You CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH” feeling going through the write-ups. On one hand it sounds good to say logically, there has to be a doctor on site for dialysis, on the other hand that additional cost may be passed on to patients. On the other hand, it seems like this measure is also to protect patients from corner cutting clinics and hold them to a standard that they should be paying for. But the decider was again looking at the funding sources.

The Californians for Kidney Dialysis Patient Protection PAC was registered to support the ballot initiative. The committee had raised $8.97 million from the SEIU-UHW West.[8]

The Stop the Dangerous & Costly Dialysis Proposition PAC was registered to oppose the ballot initiative. The committee had raised $105.23 million, with $66.8 million from DaVita, Inc. and $29.8 million from Fresenius Medical Care.

There seems to be large companies who make lots of money already pouring money into something that might take down their bottom line!

Prop 24: YES

Red No and Blue Yes to stricter privacy laws…after watching Social Dilemma, absolutely YES! It’s another Dr. Marissa binge approved Netflix recommendation. I resonate with this statement:

Carmen Balber, executive director of Consumer Watchdog: “Under Prop 24, a consumer can limit the use of their sensitive information to stop Uber from profiling them based on race, stop Spotify from utilizing their precise geo-location and prevent Facebook from using their sexual orientation, health status or religion in its algorithms. In addition, Californians won’t have to worry about the legislature repealing key privacy rights, will have stronger rights to personally enforce privacy laws and will have the protection of a well-staffed and funded European-style privacy commission to protect their rights.”

Prop 25 YES

To reform bail or not to reform bail…that is the question.

The Bakersfield Californian Editorial Board: “The rationale was that a cash bail system punishes poor people charged with non-violent or minor crimes, who can’t afford to pay bail, while more wealthy people charged with more serious, violent crimes can go free awaiting trial simply because they can afford to pay the bail. Allowing judges to assess defendants’ risks, rather than the size of their wallets seemed more equitable. … Trust, but verify, as former President Ronald Reagan said about his dealings with the old Soviet Union. Trust that the judges we elected will act in an honorable, fair manner in assessing defendants’ risks, but verify that they are doing so.”

I vote YES for Bail reform and having a judge evaluate flight risk before slapping a number that doesn’t fit the crime.

Hope my comments have helped stir up some research of your own, and more clarity about whether the YES or NO vote will help or hurt us as we move towards a less racist state. And my biased BS? I believe that we are HumanKIND and that we can use the democratic system that we are fortunate to have in my country of choice to use legislation to make things better, not worse. It is critical for us to NOT be influenced by special interest groups whose interests many times are not special in a positive way, but not apparent in the ads or wording until you do the research!

Be the change that you want to see…your vote will make a difference in California on 20 different important measures. And that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!


Dr. Marissa is an Organizational Psychologist by education, a celebrity host and producer of a syndicated iHeart Radio and CNBC KCAA network radio/tv show called “Take My Advice, I’m Not Using It: Get Balanced with Dr. Marissa”, a show about Hope and Happiness, always looking for great sponsors!

Dr. Marissa is also the #1 bestselling author of 8 Ways to Happiness from Wherever you are, and was on a speaking tour that was grounded, literally when Covid hit. But the #covidsilverlining is that now she has time to write again, and Medium has housed her #positivelyopinionated and #relentlesslyinspiring rose-colored kool-aid for you to enjoy and share.

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