8 Things I learned from Oscars 2022…the easy way

Dr. Marissa Pei
3 min readApr 3, 2022

1. That there are brilliant actors who use American Sign Language to express the incredible lightness of being and were rightfully recognized but maybe forgotten in the unfortunate wrongness of being upstaged by bad behavior.

2. That when we live in a culture where insults are okay because we are just “joking around” or being a great comedian, we will never have respect in the workplace, nor eliminate bullying in schools.

3. That violent reactions have consequences, and not even necessary heartfelt apologies can UN-RING a bell.

4. That even brilliant actors are human and fork up from time to time…unfortunately for this one, it may have undone a lifetime of hard work…what he was known for before the slap.

5. That I will from this point forward support and highlight comedians who don’t make fun of people…and not make anyone the BUTT of my humor, cuz it is NOT FUNNY. There is SO MUCH in life to LAUGH about without demeaning our fellow sentient beings. And no I am not being overly sensitive, I am just evolving…with a lot of our millennials who know better.

6. That all of the “opinions” thrown around social media, had the same harmful effect as masks, vaccines, politics and BS Belief Systems…If you don’t agree with me you are stupid, wrong, and don’t look at it in the Right way or according to the Bible. When anyone thinks they have a monopoly on “the TRUTH” we will never have peace within or between. “United” States will be an oxymoron if we can’t get back to a respectful “agree to disagree”.

7. That when I am triggered, I know I need to take a deep breath, stay in my seat, and ask myself 3 questions, “Is it KIND, is it TRUE, and is it REALLY NECESSARY??! And if I can’t say YES to ALL 3, I will keep ALL NAMES OUT OF MY MOUTH AND SHUT IT.

8. That by not commenting on other people’s opinions about the slap on social media, on the phone, and in meetings, I saved a lot of time this week to laugh at cute dogs, cover good news, broadcast, sail, sing, play with kids and hug my friends. And because I am aware that I only have about 11, 222 days left in this physical body, and I can’t go back and “do over” a day, I have a CHOICE on what to think about, talk about and encourage myself and others about.

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